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If you suffer from Tinnitus, and would like to take part in a study using a natural and safe approach, than this is a great opportunity for you to try homeopathy. You can be any age, male or female, have any form of Tinnitus and simply have a genuine interest in trying Homeopathic options for your Tinnitus.


I have had intermittent Tinnitus in the past and I understand how frustrating and irritating it can be. Although I never focused on my symptoms of tinnitus while I was seeing homeopaths myself, I have not had symptoms for a couple years now. I have also seen many cases of improvement after homeopathy and by offering this study I would like to learn more about Tinnitus support through homeopathy.

Please register for this study before August 4th, 2017 to make sure an appointment can be scheduled for you. There are 20 available spots for these sessions. Sessions will start August 9th to the 25th, followups can be individually scheduled at the end of each session. This study is to be done online with Zoom, Hangouts or Skype, and possibly in person if you live in Nanaimo, BC.

The cost is reduced to 35$ per session, not including the cost of remedies/shipping. Usually the cost to see a homeopath is from 75-200$/session. A mandatory intake form will be sent to you to fill in and return by email. It will take one to two sessions to find the best remedy selection, around one week to respond following the session, and then the follow up session is booked around 4 weeks later, so account for 2-3 sessions in the total cost to you. (For remedies there may be a fee for ordering and postage, usually no more than 15$. Payments can be through PayPal or email transfer). The reduced rate study session dates end the 30th of September.

The process is dependent on each individual and it may take 3-6 months to see major improvements. It may involve taking one remedy on occasion, or taking low potency remedies daily over a longer period of time. For roughly 4 weeks I will stay in touch with you, send remedies and see you for the single follow up. You are welcome to stay in touch for the six month period and I will respond by email. It is possible to book sessions as well after the September 30th end date at a sliding scale rate depending on the situation.

This is a short, informal study for the use of homeopathic remedies to support tinnitus and for a method of case taking using the FORCES guideline. This is not in any way a clinical trial and the results will remain anonymous.

I am a trained homeopath and a member of Ritma and MICHpa. You can reach me through my website contact form, BirdsongHomeopathy.weebly.com, or by email at birdsonghomeopathy@gmail.com.


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