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Homeo what?

As a homeopath, I find it interesting to tell people what I do. It is much less stressful than the old answer which could be shortened substantially by saying, “Artist,” but it still doesn’t roll into the social atmosphere smoothly like teacher or nurse. Most people don’t understand what it is and many have never even heard of homeopathy. I was excited to find a fact list on the Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy (CCCH) about homeopathy use worldwide. Their statistics might surprise you.

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World wide, homeopathy is among the most-used types of medicine and is one of the fastest growing. It is estimated that around 300-500 million patients worldwide use homeopathy and there are around 400,000 healthcare professionals recommending homeopathic remedies, including about 100,000 physicians prescribing them routinely. As for the economy of homeopathy, it is well known that it is not a revenue generator the way pharmaceuticals is, yet according to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) in March 2011 the world market for homeopathy was about $5.35 billion and growing by about 25% annually. They consider that at this rate it could surpass conventional medicine as we know it by 2035.

In India, there are an estimated 250,000 practitioners and 75,000 paramedics and they treat 10% of the population using only homeopathic medicines. Brazil has 15,000 doctors that practice homeopathy and 9 million patients using homeopathic medicines. In India, Mexico, England, Brazil and Cuba homeopathy is integrated into the health systems.  In Cuba, the use of prophylactic homeopathic medicines has been used by the public health system for epidemic control with great success.

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Three out of four Europeans know about homeopathy and 29% use it for their own self care. The European Union officially recognized homeopathy in 1992 for human use and veterinarians. 80% of the world’s homeopathic medicines are manufactured in France. France is the world’s largest market for homeopathy with more than $450 million in sales. England has five hospitals that use homeopathic treatments and 42% of non-homeopathic physicians there are willing to refer their patients to a homeopath.

It is hard to say that nobody uses homeopathy with numbers like this. In Canada the two biggest issues at nearly every election are the economy and health care. Homeopathy offers a solution to both. A study commissioned by the government of Switzerland published in 2011 found that homeopathy had 15.4% lower costs than conventional medicine and therefore homeopathy was more cost-effective than any other form of medicine.

The CCCH acknowledges that, “As communications technology continues to transform the world into a global village, research on homeopathy now being conducted in countries outside the developed world is pushing medicine to new frontiers… and in fact will leave the West behind if the West continues to ignore it.”

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