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Free art, it's yours. Take one. Poster

When art takes over your life and that art is sculpture, it can literally take over your life. As I found one day while packing up my belongings so I could move. Since arriving in Montreal, I have moved five times which is another story. However, I found inside the already packed boxes of my work art pieces I brought or had shipped from BC and many of those pieces were over ten years old. So I have been carrying around a lot of art the way some people carry around books and furniture. And some of those pieces were experiments, or duplicates, or not  gallery worthy. In BC, where I knew more people and had places to sell my work, I had discount sales or did trades to keep the art moving and making space for the new art. Here, these pieces merely languished in my closet and made my arms bigger once a year while I heaved them up and down staircases, oh Montreal’s lovely outdoor staircases.

Something happened this year and I decided it was time to lighten up my life. I am not working in the studio much these days and that means everything clay related is in my closet so I went through everything and made three piles, one to keep and one to give away, and one to literally give away next week. How does one give away art to strangers was my next task to solve. I decided on an art project, why not make the whole process art in itself? So the Free Art Project was born.

I chose areas in Montreal that had a population likely shut off from the art world due to economics, parts of city with lots of immigrants or working people where there was a Tim Horton’s rather than quaint local cafés. I decided to ‘post’ my art in the real world and let people passing by decide if they wanted to take a piece home. My first location was in Montreal North.



The second location was in Verdun.


freeart-3And the final art ‘bomb’ was in my own neighbourhood, Côte des Neiges.




These pieces were posted in the Spring of 2013.


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